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PADI Diving Courses in the Canary Islands

PADI SCUBA Diving courses in Gran Canaria

Learn to dive with one of our PADI instructors in Gran Canaria

Learn your skills in the marine reserve surrounded by fish

You can have lots of fun while gaining your PADI diving qualification while you visit the Canaries. Join us in Gran Canaria and you will be taught by one of our experienced PADI Dive instructors who can explain things patiently, correct mistakes positively and help you gain the self-confidence and ability to required to explore the underwater world.

Even if you have never dived before, you can leave us with a unique passport to fun and adventure - a recognised diving certification from PADI (The Professional Association of Diving Instructors). If you want to learn to dive in Gran Canaria then the best place is undoubtedly the Arinaga Marine Reserve, because here you can experience the joy of taking your diving course in an area rich in amazing marine life and great underwater scenery.

We pride ourselves in adding more to your diving course in the Canary Islands … more fun, more marine life, more support and more explanation, so that as you take your PADI Course at our dive center in Gran Canaria you get the benefits of our diving experience, and our mature and safety based approach to scuba diving. This dedication to teaching skills resulted in us being awarded not one, but two PADI Certificates of Recognition of Excellence.

Most courses are now use the PADI e-learning system, so you can get all the theory done on-line before you arrive on the Island.

Your PADI Course in Gran Canaria

  • All diving courses are in small groups of up to 4 students
  • We work hard to make sure you get the best learning experience on Gran Canaria -It's your course, not ours!
  • Approved and Licenced by the Canarian Government to offer Scuba Diving Training
  • The only PADI 5 Star Diving Centre on Gran Canaria's east coast.
  • All your open water training dives will be completed in the El Cabrón Marine Reserve, where you may see rays, angel sharks, trumpetfish, cuttlefish, octopus and much more.
  • Courses held in Learn to dive in Gran Canaria in English English, Take your diving course in Gran Canaria in German German, Dive courses can also be in Spanish in Gran Canaria Spanish and Nederlands Dutch and Italian
  • All equipment is included in the price of introductory diving courses.
  • All transfers to the diving school included from your hotel in the South of the Island - Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles, Sonnenland, San Agustin, Vecindario, Agüimes, Meloneras, Bahia Feliz, El Tablero.
  • Diving courses held all year round - temperatures never drop below 18C in the water!
  • Free Tea or Coffee throughout your diving course!
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Recent successes!

Here are a small selection of divers who successfully completed their scuba diving training courses with Davy Jones Diving School in Gran Canaria.

Some of the students who have enjoyed and completed PADI courses in the Canary Islands with us

Now pick your diving course!

We run a range of scuba diving courses to suit all skill levels, from introductory up to advanced qualifications. Find the diving course you are interested in from the table below and click on the name to get comprehensive details of how to get cetified on that course, and what our staff add to make sure you get the best learning experience in Gran Canaria.

Have some fun trying scuba diving for the first time, and discover the beauty of our marine reserve.

Gain a qualification to dive the world from Australia to Zanzibar!

Build yourself up to the next level of diving skills and start enjoying more adventurous diving:

Students aged between ten and fourteen can take the following PADI Courses in Gran Canaria.

More about Junior PADI courses

  • PADI Deep Diving Speciality Course
  • PADI Wreck Diving Speciality Course
  • PADI Boat Diving Speciality Course
  • PADI Underwater Videographer Speciality Course
  • PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Speciality Course
  • PADI Project AWARE Specialist
  • PADI Search and Recovery Diver
  • PADI Multilevel Diver
  • PADI AWARE - Fish Identification Diver
  • PADI Oxygen Provider Speciality Course
  • PADI Shark Awareness Speciality Course
  • PADI Dry-Suit Diver Course
  • PADI Drift Diver Course
  • PADI Underwater Navigator
Please contact us for more details if you are interested in these courses

PADI eLearning course in the Canary Islands

Open Water

Practicing skills in the calm waters close to the beach as part of a PADI diving course in Gran Canaria

One instructor looks after each pair of students

There are few experiences that can compare with the thrill of your first dive. The mixture of emotions, the new environment, and the feeling of weightlessness all combine to make this unforgettable experience. We make it even more special by holding this dive course among the colourful and plentiful fish life in the el Cabrón marine reserve, to make your first dive a special memory. With modern scuba equipment and our careful support and preparation, you can safely Dive Today in shallow waters and yet still see some of the fabulous variety on show in the Cabrón Marine Reserve. Our day course starts with an extended introductory briefing to help calm any fears, and a special introduction to the marine life you will meet. We also have a photographer with you in the water so you can get a DVD which records how you took your first steps towards learning to dive in Gran Canaria.

Safety is always our primary concern, and we help you explore the bay with no more than two students per instructor.

Your first dive in Gran Canaria in the calm clear waters of the El Cabron Marine Reserve

Get close to the colourful marine life in Gran Canaria

Your first pleasure dive will be in Discovery Bay in the Cabrón Marine Reserve after your briefing in our dive centre. Here you can expect to see and get close to slow moving creatures such as sea cucumbers, colourful sea urchins and anemones; as well as colourful fish such as the Turkish Wrasse, Damselfish and Parrotfish. If you are really lucky you may see some of the incredibly delicate and beautiful spider crabs, or a friendly octopus or cuttlefish.

Thank you for a great time - finally got my long time wanted open water certificate - 4 days of Joy. Especially I would like to thank Brian and Annette for making this possible. You are very calm and easy both of you - and it feels safe diving with you.
MHJ - From: Denmark

The gently sloping bottom, protection from strong currents and good marine life make this an excellent and safe place to make your unforgettable first dive in the sea. The sub-tropical waters around Gran Canaria are ideal for diving courses as the temperature rarely drops below 18C!

When you have completed your dive you can join us on a 'double bubble' for further shallow water dives under the strict supervision and support of one of our qualified instructors. You can also use this first stage as a 'credit' towards your Independent qualification course if it is taken with Davy Jones Diving.


Independant Qualification

After you learn to dive independently in Gran Canaria you can start to explore the worlds top divespots

from our diving centre in Gran Canaria, explore the marine reserve with your buddy and a guide

Gran Canaria´s best dive site

To gain an 'independent' qualification which allows you to dive safely and confidently and to have lots of fun in warm waters without needing an instructor takes a little longer; but our diving courses covers a greater range of skills and experience to prepare you for a whole range of exciting diving experiences whether in Gran Canaria or the Red Sea.

The time you spend will really prepare you well for the fun and excitement that scuba diving brings. Our instructor will safely teach you all the basics of diving in sessions at your hotel pool, followed by four or five open water dives in the marine reserve where you get the chance to put all the skills together as you master the arts of scuba diving.

When you have completed your course you will be comfortable with your diving equipment, and you will develop the knowledge and skills necessary for safe yet fun sea diving. Through the pool sessions and sea dives you will progressively build your knowledge, skill and confidence so that you can be finally awarded either your PADI Open Water Diver Certification.

With either qualification you can dive the world! They are both recognised universally, and will open the doors to a treasure trove of more advanced dive destinations and sites both here in the Cabrón Marine Reserve, in other parts of the Canaries or Spain, and around the world.


Advanced Qualifications

If you have already completed your entry level diving course then you can develop your skills further with the PADI Advanced Open Water qualification).

Both courses develop a wider range of skills to cope with more challenging dives, and so we explore deeper parts of the reserve on these courses

With more experience you can try wreck diving in Gran Canaria
Learn how to use tools such as reel and line or a compass
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Discover more secrets of the best diving in Gran Canaria