PADI Speciality Courses in Gran Canaria

You Can! Extend your dive skills on a PADI Speciality Course

The PADI diver training system contains many skill development courses which can be taken at any stage in a divers training, which can help with either core diving skills (eg Peak Performance Bouyancy) or with specialist interests (such as Digital Underwater Photography). These courses take between one and two days to complete. At present you can take the following PADI Speciality courses in Gran Canaria with Davy Jones Diving:

PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Speciality Course

Learn about Nitrox on a PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Course on our garden teaching area
Course NamePADI Enriched Air Nitrox Course
Duration1 day
Entry Must be over 15 years
ObjectiveBy using Enriched Air Nitrox instead of normal air, we can extend the length of time that we can spend at a given depth. For many divers the longer no-stop times make them feel more relaxed and ablee to enjoy their dives.
Course ContentYou will learn about the benefits of using Enriched Air Nitrox on your course, and also the special safety procedures that need to be followed when using Enriched Air. You will learn how to analyse the gas and handle it safely.
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Take the PADI Digital Underwater Photography Speciality Course in Gran Canaria

Seahorses can often be found in sandy areas while scuba diving in Gran Canaria
Course NamePADI Digital Underwater Photography
Duration1 day
Entry Must have PADI Open Water or equivalent
ObjectiveLearn how to get better pictures underwater, so you can post high class images on your Facebook or Instagram pages which will make all your diving friends jealous!.
Course ContentYou will learn how to look after your underwater camera and practice then in the El Cabrón Marine Reserve. The emphasis is on hands-on taking pictures, and topics include handling the camera, positioning and composition, white balancing, and many tops for better photos.
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Other PADI Speciality Courses available in Gran Canaria

  • Shark Awareness (See our page about Angel Sharks in Gran Canaria)
  • Boat Diver
  • Deep Diver
  • Peak Performance Bouyancy
  • Search and Recovery
  • Underwater Naturalist
  • Underwater Navigator
  • Underwater Videographer
If there is a standard PADI Speciality that you want to take that is not shown on the list then please contact us as new courses are regularly added and we may still be able to help you. If you complete five PADI Speciality courses then you may apply to be recognised as a PADI Master Scuba Diver.

General Information about Speciality Courses

Minimum Requirements You must have a minimum of PADI Open Water qualification or equivalent. You do not need to have taken a PADI course in the past, so if you have a BSAC, SSI, NAUI, CMAS or other qualification you can still take these speciality courses. You must be over 15 years of age to take the Nitrox course, but others have lower age requirements.
Course Content and options The content, timing and logistics for all the courses vary slightly. If you want more details on any course or courses please contact us directly so we can help you plan you diving in the Marine Reserve.
Languages dive gran canaria English - Instruction, Books and papers, Video
tauch gran Canaria Deutsch - Instruction, Books and papers, Video
Bucear Gran Canaria Español -Instruction, Books and papers, Video
Duiken gran canaria Nederlands - Instruction, Books and papers, Video
Exams and tests also available in Italiano French, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian *
Verbal instruction is available in English, German, Dutch or Spanish
What you get Your PADI specialist qualification. Open Water Divers will be able to count one of the dives from most courses towards their Advanced Open Water qualification.
What Next ? Enjoy yourself on more adventure dives using the skills learned on the course Take further adventure dives to gain another 'speciality qualification'.
Price For a one day, two dive speciality course the price is €150 per person including registration with PADI, who will then provide a training qualification card. You may be able to credit dives from your PADI Advanced Open Water Course, or want to do extra days or dives. We recommend that you should have a minimum of your own mask, fins and snorkel, and all other equipment can be hired on a daily basis. The price includes all logistics, collection and return and PADI Registration fees.
  • To dive in Spain, you must be fit to dive. You will fill in an WRSTC/PADI self-certification medical form and if you reply 'No' to all the questions you need no further checks. If you reply 'Yes' to some of the questions you will need to get a medical check done by a doctor. These can be arranged in Gran Canaria for between €30 and €40.
  • In order to keep the centre free of COVID-19 we insist that all students are free of symptoms and recent contacts. When vaccination roll-out reaches your age-group we expect you to be vaccinated before arrival.
  • How to reserve your place on a course You can fill in the Express course enquiry and reservation form or use the information on our contact page to email or call us to enquire about or reserve a place on your chosen speciality course.
    Any Questions? Check the frequently asked questions about training courses page, but if you still have some questions then don't hesitate to contact us by email to us at

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