PADI Diving Training Courses in Gran Canaria
Frequently asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked frequently about taking a PADI diving course in Gran Canaria.

Index of Frequently asked Questions

Q. What diving equipment do I need to bring to Gran Canaria?

All of our introductory diving courses include all the diving equipment you need to complete the course, including masks, fins, wetsuits,etc. We recommend that as soon as you find a mask that suits you that you buy your own as this is always a very 'personal' piece of equipment and you can use it wherever you dive or snorkel.

For more advanced diving courses, personal equipment hire is NOT included in the price. You can bring as much or as little equipment with you as you want to Gran Canaria. Hire charges are on a sliding scale of up to €20 per day for full equipment hire.

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Q.I am very small /tall/ large ... do you have equipment to fit me ?

When you come to dive at our school in Gran Canaria we have a wide range of equipment sizes We have a large stock of suits, BCD's, fins and masks to cover as wide a range as possible. Our largest size is XXL and our smallest equipment will fit 'an average 10-12 year old'. We have diving bootees from 34 to 45. If you think you are outside this range please contact us with any special requirements before you start your diving course.

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Q.I am staying at ..... - how do I get to the PADI dive centre? Where is the PADI 5* Dive Centre in Gran Canaria ?

We collect you from your hotel for scuba diving in Playa del Ingles, a short ride will take you to some excellent diving We collect our customers free of charge from hotels and appartments in the Gran Canaria's resorts of San Agustín, Bahia Feliz, Playa del Ingles, San Fernando, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Sonneland, Pasito Blanco, Arguineguín, Patalavaca, Anfi del Mar, Puerto Rico and Amadores. For Open Water diving courses we handle all the logistics for both your pool lessons and your sea lessons. If you think your resort is in another part of Gran Canaria then please contact us for clarification. Gran Canaria is a small island so journey times average 20 minutes from Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas, and 40 minutes from Puerto Rico. If you want to drive to the dive centre then you can find the directions to the dive centre here. If you are staying in the main tourist zones of the capital of the Island in Las Palmas (North of the Island), then we can also offer a pick-up from Las Palmas.

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Q.Are the course dates and timetables fixed or flexible ?

For most diving courses we are very flexible! Because we are a relatively small school you can start your dive course on most days, and we can usually timetable the course to fit in with other family commitments. At the busiest times in the year (school holidays and half-terms) we may not be as flexible, but we always set schedules on a 'first come' basis so early booking for July, August and September is adviseable as this is when Gran Canaria is most busy.

Check availability for diving here:

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Q.Is it possible to reduce the course timetable by doing some of the training before I arrive?

Yes, there are several ways that you can reduce the time commitment while in Gran Canaria. The best way is to read the course manual before you arrive. Manuals for most courses can be purchased locally(we have a partner in the UK who offer a very efficient mail order service), or we can arrange for them to be posted to you direct in some cases.

Secondly, for entry level courses, you can do the confined water or pool training before you arrive, so then when you are in Gran Canaria you just need to complete your open water dives.

Finally, you can use the PADI elearning system to reduce the time spent on the diving course in Gran Canaria by studying your theory beforehand. PADI eLearning system Gran Canaria

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Q.Will my course be a block of consecutive days

Yes it can be scheduled that way, or no, we can slip some extra free days in the schedule. We try to schedule the course to suit you and your family, so tell us what you prefer and we can come up with a plan that suits you best.

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Q.Do we need one PADI manual per person?

PADI recommend that every course participant has his own manual for later study, however usually one manual between two is sufficient especially when you do the pre-reading before you arrive. BSAC courses include course notes as standard.

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Q.I have a BSAC qualification, but I am interested in a PADI Course, can I do it?

Yes you can enroll onto a PADI course at most points, especially speciality courses such as NITROX or Digital Photography, or the Divemaster course.

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Q.How many people are on each diving course?

Normally all our courses are personalised to dates that fit your holiday plan, and your languange, and therefore many of our courses become individual to you. For entry level courses such as PADI SCUBA Diver or PADI Open Water the maximum course is four people, and most second level courses are done on a one to one, or one to two basis. If you have a family or other large group that want to learn together then please send us the details and we can schedule that specially for you while you are in Gran Canaria.

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Q.Can I book on a diving course on my own or must I come with a buddy?

Yes, you can come on your own, with a friend, partner or diving buddy, or even as a family or group of friends. Each diving course we run is tailored to the members of the course so that they get the most out of it. We will run any diving courses for just one person if we have an instructor available.

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Q.Does the price of a PADI Course include registration fees?

If you do a standard course programme, then yes, you PADI registration fee (€50 in 2020)is INCLUDED in the price we charge for your course. However, if you do an e-learning course, Open Water Touch course, or purchase a PADI digital manual, then you also get one registration fee included with your product. We will then reduce the price of the course so you do not get charged the registration fee twice.

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Q.Do I need a log book ?

Log your dives in Gran canaria in your log-book We strongly recommend that all divers have a current log book to record their dives and their training achievements. BSAC can require proof of experience, and PADI have minimum dive numbers, for both their more advanced qualifications. All our instructors are always happy to sign off dives in your logbook. If you take the PADI SCUBA diver or Open Water course, you can get a 'Crewpack' which includes both your training manual and personal log-book.

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Q.Do I need to pay for the course in advance?

No, we may ask for a deposit on the first day of multi-day diving courses or on Divemaster Courses (usually €50.00 per person), and you pay the balance at the end. If the course is shortened or extended then the fee will be varied proportionally.

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Q.What happens if I cannot complete my diving course?

We occasionally come across issues such as problems with ears, colds or other problems which can prevent students from completing their course. If this happens we will prepare a training record, or course referral, and charge you just for those elements of the diving course that have been completed.

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Q.Can I bring some family/friends along as spectators?

Yes, this is normally possible. We charge €15.00 for a spectator place, but these places are more limited in the busier periods from July to October, and other school and half-term holidays.

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Q.How do I reserve my place on a diving course?

Use our online forms to contact us quickly and easilyTo reserve your place fill in the Course enquiry and reservation form or use the information on our contact page to email or call us. you can contact us by an email to or phone us on (00 34) 699 721 584. Always tell us the details of the course you want to reserve, the dates you will be in Gran Canaria, the number of people and if you know the name, your accomodation in Gran Canaria. If you have any questions about the course you can add them as well as any other information on the sort of timetable you want to follow. As far as possible we make it your personal course, so please tell us as early as possible any special requirements or preferences. We will then confirm some details with you and then get your place reserved in our diary system. Book your
place now!

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Q.Who will instruct me on my diving course?

You can Click here to find out more about the Instructors who might teach you.

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