Recent Conditions for divers in Arinaga

This page will give you information from the last time we dived in Arinaga. We update it every time we dive so that it gives you information to use to plan your dives in the El Cabrón Marine Reserve. The information is generalised, so while conditions may be 'poor' in one area they may still be good in other areas. We don't dive on Sundays, and we run excursions to other parts of the island, when the status will show 'did not dive'

Last Update

Conditions Water temp Highlights and Special Sightings
1/4/2023 Above Normal 21C Cape Lobster, Common Stingray, Dusky Grouper, Nudibrachs, Round Ray, Sea Hare, Tiger Moray
Buceo Gran Canaria - bien 21C Langosta canaria, Chucho comun, Mero, Caracol de Mar, Chucho negro, Vaca de mar, Morena picopato
Tauchen info über Gran Canaria Sehr Gut 21C Grosser Bärenkrebs, Peitschenrochen, Reisen-Zackenbarsch, Nachtschnecke, Runder Stechrochen, Geringelter Seehase, Tigermuräne

Recent Highlights and Special Sightings

19/4/2023 Diving Gran Canaria Round Ray (Taeniura grabata)
Buceo Gran Canaria Chucho negro
Tauchen info über Gran Canaria Runder Stechrochen
Latest special diving highlights and sightings
                          in the El Cabrón marine reserve in Gran Canaria are
                          updated every day

Examples of different conditions

Poor Below Normal Normal Above Normal Excellent
Dive gran canaria - poor conditions Dive gran canaria - conditions below normal Dive gran canaria - normal conditions Dive gran canaria - above normal conditions Dive gran canaria - excellent conditions
Winds force 5+
Strong waves >2m
strong current or wash
viz under 5m
Winds force 4-6
Noticeable waves >1.5m
moderate current
viz 4-7m
Winds force 3-4
Weak waves <1.5m
little current
viz 7-10m
Winds force 2-3
Low waves <1m
little current
viz 10-15m
Little wind
No Groundswell
No waves
viz 15m+

Divers Weather Forecast

Here is a 72-hour forecast for the Arinaga and El Cabrón Marine Reserve area of Gran Canaria (Arinaga sits between Vargas and Pozo Izquierdo).

KEY: The star rating is for SURFERS, so the fewer stars, generally the better conditions become for diving.

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