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Davy Jones Diving centre Arinaga
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Playa de Arinaga

Dive site at Risco verde in Arinaga, Gran Canaria
Risco verde

If you are looking for a pleasant 'local' town which seems a world apart from the bustle and commercialism of Playa del Ingles and other tourist holiday resorts then Playa de Arinaga on Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands may be what you are looking for. It is located in the Agüimes district, and is less than twenty minutes from the popular tourist centres of Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, San Agustin, Sonnenland and Bahia Feliz.

the Aveneida in Arinaga, Gran Canaria
the Aveneida and beach

It used to be 'off' the main tourist routes, as there was almost no accommodation available for short term hire. For many years it was the favourite 'local beach' for many of the residents of Gran Canaria, who would come down to swim here or sunbathe for the day. However over the last few years a lot of 'short-term' accommodation has become available and this has been eagerly used by many 'sunbirds' from Nordic countries and Germany over the winter. Despite this small influx, Arinaga remains firmly and solidly a Spanish town, speaking predominately Spanish in the shops and bars, with locals out walking and greeting each other along the aveneida all day long.

the Muelle in Arinaga, Gran Canaria
Muelle de Arinaga

It is this contrast with the tourist resorts of the South of Gran Canaria which appeals to many visitors all year round. Arinaga is still an authentic Spanish Town, and if you want to 'feel' the culture, improve your Spanish, or get away from areas of 'tourist tat', then this is a great place to stay. The town has a relaxed, laid-back feel, a lovely coastal Aveneida along which Spanish families stroll, and just one small hotel with six small rooms for businessmen visiting the big industrial estate just inland. Click here and you can see a 360 degree surround photo of the Avenida on Canary Info.com

Sunset in Arinaga, Gran Canaria
Sunset over Arinaga

Some of our guests stayed at Nautilus apartments in Arinaga and liked the town and the apartments so much that they created a blog all about the town and Nautilus apartments.

The town may feel laid-back and relaxed, but once a year at the end of August up to 40,000 people descend here for one of the biggest open air parties - the Vara de Pesca, celebrated with a great firework display just before midnight.

Every Thursday night is also 'pinchos' night when many of the bars offer samples of the local food. For €2.50 you get a food sample and a drink (beer, wine, etc!) so you can try 3 of 4 bars and sample the food and drink at each! If you stay in Arinaga make sure you enjoy your 'Noche de Pinchos!'.

The seafront is used for many sporting events - here is the 2008 Triathalon - Copa de España

For the annual Arinaga Fiesta in September, everyone dresses in a traditional fishermans straw hat, white shirt and jeans.
These fish sculptures are to be found at Risco Verde, one of our regular dive sites.
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