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1 Scuba Diving Jobs in Gran Canaria - an update for 2022/23

We recieve emails almost every day from Instructors and Divemasters who are looking for work. At the present moment we have a mature, stable team of instructors and with the current economic forecast due to COVID-19 we do not believe there will be any opportunity to expand the permanent team before the end of 2021.

Therfore we ask you NOT TO EMAIL US SPECULATIVELY about diving opportunities, as the response will always be the same.... sorry but no permanent positions at the moment. I already have a 'waiting list' of local instructors.

We also get asked about vacancies for Bar work in Gran Canaria and can only relate that the same applies here... these positions are becoming harder to find, as many bars and restaurants have closed, creating a pool of bar workers already here who quickly snap up any new vacancies, with local Spanish gaining most of the better paid jobs and foreigners already here getting the rest.

We believe that this situation will only improve as the world economic unrest becomes more stable.

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