Spring and Easter Diving in Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands have always been a popular Spring destination where people have soaked up the sun after the long cold winter months. Our dive centre in Gran Canaria is open all year round so that you can enjoy yourself diving here when northern waters are cold and uninviting, but more that that, this is the time of year when we can have some of the best diving of the year!. Easter is always popular in the Canaries, so whether you just want some winter sun, you want to get a course finished before summer, or you want to refresh your skills for the coming season, a diving trip to Gran Canaria in Spring can be the answer

Spring Diving in the Canary Islands

If you are thinking of diving in March, April or May then you can expect first class conditions both above and below the water. At this time of year both air and water temperatures are much higher than in northern Europe and the weather systems start to move back to their summer positions. This can create some of the best diving conditions of the year. Underwater the visibility averages around 15m and can occasionally reach over 25m.

Month Air
Temp (ºC)
Temp (ºC)
March 15 to 25 17 to 19 Peak of the Angel Shark season, good time for other rays. Normally Carnaval takes place in March, but in 2008 it will be in February. This is a great time to come to Gran Canaria to dive in the day, and join the fun of Carnaval at night.
April mid 20's 19 to 20 Lots of fish spawning can give huge shoals of bogas, sardines, damselfish
May high 20's 20 to 21 Usually a very quiet month so excellent visibility and diving
dive all the year round in Gran Canaria
diver with starfish in Gran Canaria
shoals of roncadors in the el Cabron marine reserve
Large Angelsharks return to Gran Canaria´s marine reserve in November

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