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Air Usage Calculator

This Air Usage Calculator for Scuba Divers is based on the BSAC recommended method for calculating the air used on a given dive. It assumes a 'square profile' dive (ie worst case) where you breathe at the maximum rate at depth all through the dive. Please note that this is a planning tool and should be based on a realistic breathing rate at the surface (BSAC recommend 25 litres/minute for diving in UK waters). The resulting bottom time should be used as a planning guideline, and the user must be personally responsible for monitoring air usage during the dive.

Instructions: Type the values into the first four cells for your tank size, pressure, and the planed depth and reserve; then press calculate, and the mathematical forecast will be produced.

Remember(1) This is a planning tool and it better to be conservative with estimates to improve your safety margins.
(2) The results are a mathematical estimate, and you may find that your actual consumption is higher or lower. Never rely soley on these estimates and always monitor your air throughout the dive. Every time you press calculate the figures will be updated.

Tank size in Litres : eg.12.0
Tank pressure in Bar : e.g 200
Maximum Depth in metres : e.g. 35
Air usage (litres/Minute) e.g 25
Air Reserve in Bar :
Maximum Dive Time in Minutes Safety Time in minutes;
Please Note:Consult your decompression tables to ensure that the planned bottom time does not exceed your no-stop dive time.

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