Reviews of books on Diving in Gran Canaria and other sources of information on the Marine Reserve at El Cabrón

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Reserva Marina de Arinaga - Guía Submarina

The best source of detailed local information is undoubtedly the guidebook authored by the Ayuntamiento of Agüimes entitled ' Reserva Marina de Arinaga - Guía Submarina'. It is written in Spanish and contains detailed maps of the reserve, as well as over 60 pages of good colour photos descriptions. Pessimistically it ends with a First Aid guide if you are attacked by any of the species - however we have never had to refer to this section and in ten years of diving in the reserve have never had to treat anything more serious than sea-urchin spines.

ISBN 84-923867-0-3

Sorry - but this book is now out of print

Gran Canaria diving book - Produced by the Ayuntamiento de a Villa de Aguimes

Diving in Canaries

This book by Sergio Hanquet is undoubtedly one of the best general guides to diving in the Canary Islands, and has an excellent reference section on the major fish species. It says "El Cabrón is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular sites in the Canary Islands for seeing abundant and varied marine life: moray eels bart umbrines, umbrines, fork beards, cernia rossa, marmor bream, dusky groupers angel sharks, common stargazer, barracuda and an enormous school of roncador grunts." It is available in Spanish and English versions. An updated version (second edition) has just been published (April 2006)

ISBN 84-932195-0-9 (English)
Second Edition now available again in our dive centre - €30.00

Our Recommendation - If you are coming diving anywhere in the Canaries - buy it! It is full of pictures and information, and is on sale in the Las Palmas Airport book shop. If you are not coming then get somebody to buy it for your birthday!

Our recommendation ? Buy it!

100 Peces de Canarias
and 100 Invertebrates de Canaries

These pocket sized books by Sergio Hanquet are great references for any visiting diver, covering the 100 most common fish species in inshore waters; or the 100 most common invertebrates. All the pages include one of Sergio's amazing colour photos, and descriptions in English, Spanish, German and French. They covers almost everything you are likely to see swimming in the waters of the marine reserve at El Cabrón.

ISBN 84-932195-4-1 (English)

Now available in our dive centre - €18.00 each or €35 for both

Our recommendation ? Buy it!

Descubre Gran Canaria bajo el Mar
Discover Gran Canaria below the sea

This is the first major guide to diving in Gran Canaria and it is excellent!. It covers the top 25 dive sites on the island, including five in the El Cabrón Marine Reserve in Arinaga. There are excellent underwater diagrams showing the layout of the dive sites, a reference guide to the species in the area, and plenty of supporting information to help you plan your diving here. It is also in 3 languages! yes, you get Spanish as the main language but also translations into English and German

ISBN 978-84-611-7880-3 (Spanish / English / German)
Now available in our dive centre - price €30.00

Our Recommendation - If you want to see the full range of the best dives in Gran Canaria then get this book.

Our recommendation ? Stunning photography of dive sites, divers and marine life in Gran Canaria!

The full colour drawings of the underwater scenery are excellent

Guía de buceo españa

This guide was issued in 2001 and lists the top 50 dive sites in Spain. For the island of Gran Canaria El Cabrón is the one and only featured dive site. It summarises as follows "The variety and quantity of marine life, close to an easy access, has made this zone the most visited in Gran Canaria"


The top 50 dive sites in Spain -

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