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Experienced DiversHere are some albums which give experienced divers a good ideal of the diving in the marine reserve in Arinaga. Take a 'virtual dive' with us and meet common and special creatures we meet.

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Hole in the Wall


One of the most popular dives in the Marine Reserve, this has striking topography, swim-throughs and an enormous variety of marine life.

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Table Top


We dive the Table top all the time as there are different routes, different areas and it is always a bit different.

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Punta de la Sal


This is the deepest dive in the Marine Reserve, and almost anything can turn up here!

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Night Dives


At night the marine reserve changes! Lots of new creatures come out to play

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Eye to Eye - Auge zu Auge


In this album we look into the eyes of the Marine life here in the El Cabrón Marine Reserve in Gran Canaria.

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Recent Photos


A Selection of our recent special sights and great photos

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Beginners and Training CoursesSee the wealth of marine life in the areas where we take beginners and carry out much of our Open Water course dives.
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Playa del Cabron


This area has such a welth of marine life that it is also known as the Aquarium. You can see all the common species such as damselfish and mullet, and often bigger species such as barracudas, rays or even Angel Sharks.

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Daycourses and Beginners


See some of our students practicing their skills in the Marine Reserve

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