Photos of diving in Gran Canaria with Davy Jones Diving Centre

Gran Canaria - Dive Leaders

Three morays ina hole !
 [i]Muraena augusti[/i] [img][/img] Morena negra [img][/img] Schwarze Muräne
 [i]Enchelycore anatina[/i] [img][/img]Morena Picopato  [img][/img]Tigermuräne

Three morays ina hole !

Muraena augusti Morena negra Schwarze Muräne
Enchelycore anatina Morena Picopato Tigermuräne

Spotted-burrfish2-030709.JPG Starfish-150909.JPG Three-morays-010909.JPG Tritons-trumpet-140909.JPG Trumpetfish-180909.JPG
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