Water Temperature and Diving Conditions Log
- January 2009 to June 2009

Here is our diving centre's log of the conditions and special sightings for diving in Arinaga, Gran Canaria. As we dive different parts of the reserve every day we only visit some locations (such as the seahorses) once a week.

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Date Conditions Temp Sightings
14/6/2009 Excellent 20C Common ray, giant Blackjack, Sand Sole, Nudibrach, Tiger Moray
13/6/2009 Excellent 20C Eagle Ray, Canarian Lobsterette, Nudibrach, Tiger Moray
12/6/2009 Normal 20C 3 Angelshark (Sardina)
11/6/2009 Normal 20C Baby Angel Shark, Common Stingray, Fang toothed Congor, Sand Octopus, Lancer Swimming crabs, Sea Hares (Night Dive)
10/6/2009 Excellent 20C ** Spiny Pufferfish **, Angelshark
9/6/2009 Excellent 20C Stargazer
8/6/2009 Above Normal 20C
7/6/2009 Did not dive 19C
6/6/2009 Excellent 19C
5/6/2009 Excellent 19C 2 Seahorses, nudibrachs, Tiger Moray
4/6/2009 Excellent 19C Nudibrach, Striped Grunts, Verrugato
3/6/2009 Excellent 19C Baby Angel Shark (35cm), Tiger moray
2/6/2009 Excellent 19C Scrawled FileFish
1/6/2009 Above Normal 19C Angel shark, Round Ray, Tiger Moray, large Jurel (Blackjack)
31/5/2009 Excellent 19C 3 Nudibrachs, barracudas
30/5/2009 Excellent 19C Stargazer
29/5/2009 Excellent 19C Lots of octopus incl 2 pairs mating!
28/5/2009 Normal 19C Angel Shark, common Stingray, Forkbeard, Nudibrach, Lone Jellyfish
27/5/2009 Normal 19C 2 Angel Shark
26/5/2009 Normal 19C
25/5/2009 Normal 19C
24/5/2009 Did not dive 19C
23/5/2009 Excellent 19C
22/5/2009 Above Normal 19C
21/5/2009 Excellent 19C Stargazer, Barracuda
20/5/2009 Above Normal 19C Angel Shark Swimming!
17/5/2009 Did not dive 19C
16/5/2009 Below Normal 19C Striped Grunt, Stargazer
13/5/2009 Above Normal 19C Eagle ray, Scrawled Filefish
11/5/2009 Above Normal 19C Stargazer, Striped Grunt, Nudibrach
8/5/2009 Above Normal 19C Seahorse, Angelshark, Electric Ray, Grouper, Striped Grunt (at Sardina del Norte)
8/5/2009 Above Normal 19C Angelshark, Forkbeard, Canarian Lobsterette
4/5/2009 Above Normal 19C Nudibrachs, Tiger Moray, Large gilt-headed bream
3/5/2009 Above Normal 19C Sorry! no reports for the last few days due to computer problems.
21/4/2009 Did not dive 18C At Sardina: Angelshark, barracuda, octopus
20/4/2009 Below Normal 18C
19/4/2009 Did not dive 18C
18/4/2009 Normal 18C Seahares, Prickly Shrimp, Tiger Moray
17/4/2009 Normal 18C Scrawled Filefish, Stargazer, night dive:Spotted bumblebee shrimp, long legged octopus, seahares
15/4/2009 Above Normal 18C Canary Islands Lobsterette, Rainbow wrasse, Stargazer
14/4/2009 Normal 18C Green Nudibrach, Stargazers, Big Barracudas,
13/4/2009 Below Normal 18C Red Comb Star, Carapace of Cape Lobster, Shi Drum
12/4/2009 Normal 18C 2 Angelshark, green Nudibrachs, Stargazer, Sea Hares, striped Grunt
11/4/2009 Normal 18C 2 Angelshark, green Nudibrachs, Stargazer, Sea Hares, striped Grunt
11/4/2009 Normal 18C 3 Angelshark, Tiger Moray, green Nudibrachs, Stargazer
10/4/2009 Normal 18C *** Scrawled Filefish & Golden Sponge Snail ***, Angelshark, Marbled Electric ray, Dusky Grouper, Amberjack, Stargazer, mating cuttlefish!
9/4/2009 Normal 18C Stargazer, Common Stingray
8/4/2009 Poor 18C At Sardina: Angelshark, Butterfly Ray
7/4/2009 Below Normal 18C Dusky Grouper
6/4/2009 Above Normal 18C Angelshark, stargazaer
5/4/2009 Above Normal 18C Angelshark
4/4/2009 Normal 18C 2 Angelshark (one swimming), Common Stingray, striped Grunts
3/4/2009 Normal 18C
2/4/2009 Above Normal 18C Marbled Electric Ray, Common Stingray, Stargazers
1/4/2009 Above Normal 18C Round Stingray, Stargazers
31/3/2009 Did not dive 18C
30/3/2009 Below Normal 18C
29/3/2009 Did not dive 18C Day off
28/3/2009 Above Normal 18C Stargazers, Common stingray, Nudibrachs
27/3/2009 Excellent 18C Lots of Stargazers!, 4 Angel shark, 2 Common stingray, Spotted Bumblebee Shrimp, White spotted Octopus, Fang tooothed congor (Day and Night dives)
25/3/2009 Above Normal 18C Stargazers, Angel shark, Common stingray
24/3/2009 Normal 18C Stargazers
23/3/2009 Normal 18C Large Round Ray, Stargazers
23/3/2009 Did not dive 18C Sunday - day off
22/3/2009 Normal 18C Common Stingray
21/3/2009 Did not dive 18C Day off
20/3/2009 Normal 18C Common Stingray, Stargazer, Big Cuttlefish
19/3/2009 Normal 18C Common Stingray
18/3/2009 Above Normal 18C Common Stingray, Marbled Electric Ray
17/3/2009 Normal 18C Angelshark
16/3/2009 Normal 18C
15/3/2009 Above Normal 18C Tiger Morays, Barracudas
14/3/2009 Normal 18C
13/3/2009 Normal 18C 2 Angel sharks, Marbled Electric ray, Common Stingray, Madeira Sea Slug (Nudibrach)
12/3/2009 Normal 18C
11/3/2009 Normal 18C Angel Shark, Common Stingray, Plocamopherus maderae!! (nudibrach), Sama, Morays
10/3/2009 Did not dive 18C Pool Training
9/3/2009 Above Normal 18C Nudibrach, Derbio, large barracuda
8/3/2009 Did not dive 18C Sunday - Day off
7/3/2009 Below Normal 18C
6/3/2009 Poor 18C
5/3/2009 Below Normal 18C Stargazer
4/3/2009 Normal 18C Angel shark, Stargazer
3/3/2009 Above Normal 18C Angel shark, 3 common stingray
2/3/2009 Above Normal 18C Angel shark
1/3/2009 Did not dive 18C Sunday
28/2/2009 Above Normal 18C Large Round Ray, Great Spiny Spider Crab, Nudibrachs
26/2/2009 Above Normal 18C Marbled Electric ray, Stargazer, Large Octopus. Night: Squid, Canarian Lobster, small Marbled Electric ray
25/2/2009 Above Normal 17C Marbled Electric ray, Big Barracuda, Stargazer, Garfish
24/2/2009 Above Normal 17C Barracuda, Common Stingray
23/2/2009 Normal 17C Angelshark
22/2/2009 Below Normal 17C Large Octopus
20/2/2009 Below Normal 17C Angelshark
20/2/2009 Below Normal 17C Bull ray! Angelshark
19/2/2009 Normal 17C Angel Shark, Common Ray, 2 Dusky Grouper, Stargazer
18/2/2009 Normal 17C Angel Shark, Marbled Electric Ray, Dusky Grouper, Large Octopus, Stargazer
17/2/2009 Normal 17C
16/2/2009 Did not dive 18C
12/2/2009 Below Normal 18C
11/2/2009 Normal 18C 2 Angel Sharks
10/2/2009 Did not dive 18C
9/2/2009 Normal 18C Cape Lobster, Canarian Lobsterette, Prickly Shrimp, Stargazer, Forkbeard
8/2/2009 Below Normal 18C Common Stingray, Derbio
4/2/2009 Normal 18C Dusky Grouper. Amberjack, Triggerfish (Las Palmas)
3/2/2009 Normal 18C Angel shark, Marbled Electric Ray
2/2/2009 Below Normal 18C Angel shark, Common Stingray, Tiger Moray
1/2/2009 Did not dive 18C Sunday - Day Off
31/1/2009 Normal 18C Night Dive: Angelshark, common stingray, Eagle ray, White spotted Octopus
30/1/2009 Normal 18C Angelshark, common stingray
29/1/2009 Above Normal 18C Night Dive: Angelshark, 2 Round Stingray, Stargazer, Sand Octopus, Canarian Lobsterette, brown-striped shrimp, Spotted Bumblebee shrimp!
28/1/2009 Above Normal 18C *** Bull Ray *** Our first ever sighting in Arinaga! 3 Angelsharks, Spiny Spider Crab, Amberjack, Cape Lobster
28/1/2009 Poor 18C Angelshark, Amberjack
27/1/2009 Poor 18C
26/1/2009 Below Normal 18C Angelshark attack!, Grouper, Tiger Moray
25/1/2009 Did not dive 18C Sunday - day off
24/1/2009 Normal 18C Eagle Ray
23/1/2009 Normal 18C Great Spiny Spider Crab
22/1/2009 Poor 18C
21/1/2009 Below Normal 18C Angelshark, Morays
20/1/2009 Below Normal 18C Angelshark
19/1/2009 Below Normal 18C Grouper
18/1/2009 Did not dive 18C Sunday - Day off
17/1/2009 Below Normal 18C
14/1/2009 Above Normal 18C Training dives only
13/1/2009 Did not dive 18C Spring cleaning!
12/1/2009 Did not dive 18C Spring cleaning!
11/1/2009 Did not dive 18C Sunday Day off
10/1/2009 Above Normal 18C Angel shark
9/1/2009 Above Normal 18C Angel shark, 4 Common Stingray
3/1/2009 Above Normal 18C Tuna, Stargazer, Common Stingray
1/1/2009 Above Normal 18C Angelshark, common stingray

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