Water Temperature and Diving Conditions Log
- July 2008 to December 2008

Here is our diving centre's log of the conditions and special sightings for diving in Arinaga, Gran Canaria. As we dive different parts of the reserve every day we only visit some locations (such as the seahorses) once a week.

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Date Conditions Temp Sightings
31/12/2008 Above Normal 18C Butterfly ray, 2 Angelshark (1 swimming)
30/12/2008 Poor 18C 2 Angelshark (1 swimming), Common stingray,
29/12/2008 Above Normal 18C Angelshark swimming, Marbled Electric ray, Gilt headed Bream, Derbio
28/12/2008 Excellent 18C Round Ray, Nudibrach, large Hermit crab
27/12/2008 Excellent 18C 2 Angel Sharks, Common Stingray
25/12/2008 Did not dive 18C 2 Angel Sharks, Stargazer, 'The secret Cannon'
25/12/2008 Did not dive 18C Christmas day!
24/12/2008 Normal 18C
23/12/2008 Normal 19C Angel Shark, Eagle ray, Electric Ray, Common Moray
22/12/2008 Below Normal 19C
21/12/2008 Did not dive 19C Sunday - Day off
20/12/2008 Poor 19C
19/12/2008 Below Normal 19C
17/12/2008 Normal 19C 2 Angel Shark, Round Ray, 2 Slipper Lobster
17/12/2008 Poor 19C Angel Shark, Derbio
16/12/2008 Poor 19C
15/12/2008 Poor 19C
7/12/2008 Did not dive 19C Sunday Day off
5/12/2008 Normal 19C Big shoal of Derbio, Garfish, big Barracuda
4/12/2008 Normal 19C Derbio
3/12/2008 Poor 19C Tiger Moray
2/12/2008 Poor 19C Tiger Moray, Big Barracuda
30/11/2008 Did not dive 19C Day off
29/11/2008 Above Normal 19C 110cm Angelshark, Large Round ray, common stingray
28/11/2008 Below Normal 20C 30cm Angelshark, common stingray, Medregal, Large Hermit crab
27/11/2008 Did not dive 20C Diving at Sardina
26/11/2008 Poor 20C Angelshark, Butterfly ray, Grouper
25/11/2008 Below Normal 20C Angelshark
23/11/2008 Normal 21C 2 Angelshark, Mother Common Stingray + 3 babies, Bonitos, 3 types of Morays
22/11/2008 Normal 21C 2 Angelshark, Morays
21/11/2008 Above Normal 21C 3 Angelshark, Common Stingrays
20/11/2008 Normal 21C Female Common Stingray with five babies!!, Angelshark
19/11/2008 Normal 21C Stargazer, Common Stingray
18/11/2008 Normal 21C Wreck Diving
17/11/2008 Above Normal 21C Butterfly Ray, Angel Shark, 2 common stingray, 2 round ray, Great Spiny Spider Crab
16/11/2008 Did not dive 21C Day off
15/11/2008 Normal 21C Angel shark, Common Stingray
14/11/2008 Normal 21C Angel shark, Common Stingray; Albacore and Great Spiny Spider Crab at Sardina
12/11/2008 Normal 21C Angel shark, Common Stingray, Big barracuda, Morays, Octopus
11/11/2008 Normal 21C 2 Angel sharks
10/11/2008 Normal 21C Common Stingray, Round Ray
9/11/2008 Did not dive 21C Sunday - day off
8/11/2008 Normal 21C 2 Angelsharks, common stingray, round ray, Starry Weaverfish(Trachinus Radiatus)
7/11/2008 Normal 21C Eagle ray, baby angel shark (30cm), Canarian Lobsterette, lots of Barracudas
6/11/2008 Normal 22C Large Barracuda, first pygmy filefish of autumn
5/11/2008 Did not dive 22C Day off for annual maintenance taks
4/11/2008 Did not dive 22C Day off for annual maintenance taks
3/11/2008 Below Normal 22C
1/11/2008 Poor 22C Butterfly Ray
30/10/2008 Below Normal 22C Common Stingray
29/10/2008 Did not dive 23C
28/10/2008 Normal 23C
27/10/2008 Below Normal 23C Large Round Ray, Common Stingray, baby Angelshark, Large squid, Tiger morays
24/10/2008 Below Normal 23C Round rays, Morays, Big trumpetfish, Amberjack around Mogan
23/10/2008 Below Normal 23C Barracuda, Tiger Moray
22/10/2008 Above Normal 23C Angel Shark, Garfish, Tiger Moray, Round ray. In Las Palmas: Seabream, Amberjack, Bonito
21/10/2008 Above Normal 23C Tiger Moray, Big Gilt Headed Bream
20/10/2008 Excellent 23C Angelshark, Big Amberjack, Round Ray, Forkbeard, Grouper, Abade Capitan
20/10/2008 Above Normal 23C Angelshark, Big Amberjack, Round Ray, Forkbeard, Grouper, Abade Capitan
19/10/2008 Did not dive 23C Sunday - day off
18/10/2008 Above Normal 23C Stargazer, Barracudas; Amberjack and Striped Grunt at Sardina
16/10/2008 Above Normal 23C Angelshark, Tiger Moray, baby Common ray, Dusky Grouper
14/10/2008 Normal 23C Tiger Moray, Common Stingray, Round ray, Large Guelly jack
13/10/2008 Above Normal 24C Small Round ray, Sand Sole
12/10/2008 Above Normal 24C Angelshark, Eagle Ray, Common Ray at Sardina del Norte
11/10/2008 Normal 23C Verrugatos, Tiger Moray, Canarian Lobsterette, Gilt Headed Bream
10/10/2008 Below Normal 23C Pejerrey
9/10/2008 Below Normal 23C
8/10/2008 Normal 23C common stingray, barracudas
7/10/2008 Above Normal 23C Lots of Octopus, Tiger Moray, Dotted Moray and Brown Morays
4/10/2008 Normal 24C Angelshark, Amberjack, Bonito
3/10/2008 Normal 24C Verrugato, stargazer
2/10/2008 Normal 24C Seahorse, stargazer, lots of barracudas
1/10/2008 Below Normal 24C Poor visibility in Reserve, but Marbled Electric Ray, Eagle Ray and striped grunts at Sardina
25/9/2008 Normal 24C What a funny day! No wind, slight groundswell, but grey and rain! Vis a bit down on last few days in shallows but still good.
24/9/2008 Excellent 24C Triggerfish, garden Eels, Big shoal of baby barracudas in the bay
23/9/2008 Excellent 24C Round Ray, Eagle Ray, Black Moray, Grouper, Tiger Moray
22/9/2008 Excellent 24C Grouper, a half-abade capitan, eagle ray, Tiger Moray
21/9/2008 Excellent 24C Big Round Ray, large Abade,
20/9/2008 Excellent 24C Great visibility and calm conditions here and in Las Palmas
19/9/2008 Above Normal 24C It Rained today! First time for months! Some areas a bit murky with run-off but we saw marbled electric ray, barracudas
17/9/2008 Above Normal 24C Triggerfish, Grouper, Stargazer, Striped Grunt, baby common ray (pizza sized), lots of Morays including several tiger morays, Forkbeard
16/9/2008 Above Normal 24C Big shoal of Baracudas, Tiger Moray
14/9/2008 Did not dive 24C Pool training
Did not dive 24C Pool training
12/9/2008 Normal 24C Stargazer
11/9/2008 Above Normal 24C Angelshark
9/9/2008 Excellent 24C Lots of life although nothing special today
8/9/2008 Above Normal 24C Triggerfish, Hairy Blenny, sea Hare, Octopus caught in the act of eating a Spinous Crab
7/9/2008 Did not dive 24C Sunday - day off
6/9/2008 Excellent 24C Butterfly Ray & Grey Triggerfish
5/9/2008 Excellent 23C 4 Grey Triggerfish
4/9/2008 Excellent 23C Grey Triggerfish - After many weeks of poor weather finally autumn's excellent conditions have arrived!
3/9/2008 Above Normal 23C 3 Butterfly Rays in 2 different dive sites; 2 Common Ray, Marbled Electric Ray, Grey Triggerfish, Striped Grunt
2/9/2008 Did not dive 23C Pool Training all day!
1/9/2008 Above Normal 23C
31/8/2008 Did not dive 23C Sunday - Day off
30/8/2008 Above Normal 23C Triggerfish, Bonito, Verugato
29/8/2008 Above Normal 23C Eagle Ray
28/8/2008 Normal 23C Seahorse, Eagle Ray, Tiger Moray, Bonito
27/8/2008 Below Normal 23C Triggerfish, Eagle Ray, Tiger Moray, Grouper
26/8/2008 Below Normal 23C Poor conditions
25/8/2008 Below Normal 23C Triggerfish in Arinaga, Butterfly Ray at Sardina
24/8/2008 Did not dive 23C Sunday - day off
23/8/2008 Below Normal 23C 3 Eagle Rays in Formation, tiger moray, Hairy blenny
21/8/2008 Normal 23C Verrugato, Tritons Trumpet, Glasseye
19/8/2008 Normal 23C Stargazer, tiger moray, Suddenly, lots of small octopus, and signs that an angelshark had been here.
18/8/2008 Normal 23C Triton's Trumpet, Verrugato, Tiger Moray
17/8/2008 Did not dive 23C Sunday - day off
16/8/2008 Normal 23C Triggerfish, White trevally and large octopus at Sardina el Norte
13/8/2008 Above Normal 23C Two triggerfish, two Groupers, Eagle Ray, lots of morays
12/8/2008 Normal 23C Butterfly Ray
11/8/2008 Above Normal 23C Ray day! 3 or 4 eagle rays, common ray and round ray (on one dive!), triggerfish, very 'friendly' barracuda, tiger moray ... lots more
10/8/2008 Did not dive 23C Sunday -day off
9/8/2008 Below Normal 23C training dives only - small moray
8/8/2008 Normal 23C Canarian Lobsterette , Tiger Moray , Common Stingray
7/8/2008 Normal 23C ***Spiny Pufferfish ***, eagle ray; This was the biggest Spiny we have ever encountered anywhere on the island.
6/8/2008 Normal 23C Eagle ray, Grouper
5/8/2008 Normal 23C Seahorse, barracudas, lots of sargo, Stargazer
4/8/2008 Normal 23C Common Stingrays, one samll one huge!
3/8/2008 Did not dive 23C Long weekend off.
2/8/2008 Did not dive 23C Long weekend off.
1/8/2008 Below Normal 23C Pair of Triggerfish defending their territory - nipping and bumping divers! At Sardina - Angelshark, seahorse and rays.
31/7/2008 Below Normal 23C Nice Eagle Ray, posing for all the cameras; Nudibrach, Big octopus and big barracuda; Doncella
30/7/2008 Below Normal 23C Seahorse, Eagle ray, Sand Sole
29/7/2008 Normal 22C Triggerfish, Grouper, Large group of Graden eels, cuttlefish eating a wide-eyed flounder
28/7/2008 Normal 22C Triggerfish, large shoal of barracudas
27/7/2008 Did not dive 22C Sunday - day off.
26/7/2008 Normal 22C lots of our normal friends but nothing special
25/7/2008 Normal 22C Electric ray - swimming; Big shoal of barracudas
24/7/2008 Below Normal 22C Butterfly Ray, Common Stingray, Baby Angelshark, Triggerfish, stargazer
23/7/2008 Below Normal 22C Tiger Moray, Large Abade
22/7/2008 Normal 22C Rough Tailed ray, Seahorse at Sardina del Norte
20/7/2008 Did not dive 22C Sunday, Day off
19/7/2008 Above Normal 22C Forkbeard, Hairy Blenny in display colours
17/7/2008 Below Normal 22C Triggerfish, large shoal of Derbio, Hairy blenny in display colours
16/7/2008 Normal 21C Angel shark, triggerfish, marbled electric rays
15/7/2008 Normal 21C At Sardina: Angelsharks, round stingray, big shoal of barracudas
14/7/2008 Normal 21C 3 Angel sharks
13/7/2008 Did not dive 21C Sunday, Day off
12/7/2008 Normal 21C Common Stingray, Barracuda, Doncella in Arinaga; Night dive in Sardina 8 Butterfly Rays, 14 or 15 Angel Sharks, Squid,
11/7/2008 Normal 21C Angel Shark, Butterfly Ray and two Eagle rays; Cape Lobster in the Cave
10/7/2008 Below Normal 21C Three Butterfly rays! On one dive!
9/7/2008 Below Normal 21C Angelshark, Gilt headed Bream
7/7/2008 Normal 21C Baby Butterfly Ray! Baby Angelshark (70cm), eagle ray, common stingray; On night dive Sand Sole, Sand Octopus and fang-toothed conger.
6/7/2008 Did not dive 21C Did not dive
5/7/2008 Normal 21C Angel shark, eagle ray, common stingray, triggerfish, canarian lobsterette, prickly shrimp, nudibrachs, forkbeard
4/7/2008 Below Normal 21C Trumpetfish, cuttlefish.
2/7/2008 Normal 21C 3 angel sharks, 3 marbled Electric rays, Doncella (Ornate wrasse), Triggerfish
1/7/2008 Normal 21C Butterfly Ray, Angel shark (about 50cm), eagle ray, common stingray, stargazer

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