Water Temperature and Diving Conditions Log
- January 2008 to June 2008

Here is our diving centre's log of the conditions and special sightings for diving in Arinaga, Gran Canaria. As we dive different parts of the reserve every day we only visit some locations (such as the seahorses) once a week.

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Date Conditions Temp Sightings
30/6/2008 Above Normal 21C Butterfly Ray, Sand Sole, Stargazer
29/6/2008 Did not dive 21C Sunday - Day Off
28/6/2008 Normal 21C Triggerfish, stargazer, eagle ray, Gilt headed sea Brean, Tiger & common morays
27/6/2008 Normal 21C angel shark, big shoal of barracudas
26/6/2008 Normal 21C 3 angel sharks, Triggerfish, big shoal of barracudas
25/6/2008 Normal 21C Huge common stingray, Mediterannean Moray, Gilt headed bream
23/6/2008 Above Normal 21C Four Marbled Electric Rays, Mediteranean Moray, Stargazer, lots of big Gilt Headed Bream.
21/6/2008 Normal 21C Stargazer, moray, lots of cuttlefish
20/6/2008 Normal 21C Butterfly Ray, Morays, Barracudas
19/6/2008 Above Normal 21C 2 Butterfly Rays & Angelshark, Lots of cuttlefish
18/6/2008 Above Normal 21C Angelshark, Lots of cuttlefish, big shoal of barracudas, stargazer
17/6/2008 Above Normal 21C Big Octopus, Tiger Moray, Barracudas
16/6/2008 Normal 21C Butterfly Ray. Last week we had some technical problems and some of the updates have been lost. Sightings included Butterfly rays, angel sharks, morays, rays and triggerfish!
10/6/2008 Normal 21C Butterfly Ray and two Triggerfish!
8/6/2008 Did not dive 21C Sunday, day off
6/6/2008 Normal 21C Small butterfly ray! (we have spent all week searching for one!), eagle ray and angle shark
5/6/2008 Normal 21C Stargazer and large school of baby (tiny) barracudas
4/6/2008 Above Normal 21C Marbled Electric Ray, big shoal of Herrera bream, Mediteranean Moray, (and Tiger, brown and dotted as usual), stargazers, plus a big barracuda in just 2m of water.
3/6/2008 Above Normal 21C Angelshark,7 (yes seven) Marbled Electric Rays in a new area!, round stingray, eagle ray, stargazer
2/6/2008 Above Normal 21C 4 Angelsharks, Marbled Electric Ray, Mediteranean Moray, common stingray, Verrugato, Cape Lobster (sadly killed by a spear fisherman), Forkbeard
1/6/2008 Normal 20C 2 Angel Shark, 3 Marbled Electric Rays, Camouflaged Spider Crab, Striped Grunt, Hairy Blenny in mating colours, 2 large octopus having sex!
31/5/2008 Normal 20C 2 Angel Shark
30/5/2008 Above Normal 20C First Triggerfish of the year! 2 Angel Shark including a juvenile (80cm), Lots of Nudibrachs suddenly
29/5/2008 Above Normal 20C Angel Shark, Raton (eagle Ray), Stargazer
26/5/2008 Normal 20C Angel Shark, School of baby Barracudas, Hairy Blenny in mating colours
24/5/2008 Above Normal 20C Mediteranean Moray, Nudibrachs, Verrugato(Shi Drum)
23/5/2008 Above Normal 20C Lots of morays (20+) including 5 Tiger Morays; Stargazer, Gilt Headed Bream
22/5/2008 Above Normal 20C Angel shark, Bastard grunts in only 3m in the bay!, Canarian Lobsterette
21/5/2008 Above Normal 20C Angel shark, Brota
20/5/2008 Above Normal 20C 3 Angel shark (in 2 locations)
19/5/2008 Above Normal 20C Angel shark, Doncella (Rainbow Wrasse), Stargazer, a small group of grunts in the bay!
18/5/2008 Above Normal 20C Large Grouper, Striped Grunts, nice Hermit crab with encrusting anemones. Lots of Butterfly ray beds but not today.
17/5/2008 Above Normal 20C Beautiful conditions in thebay.nothing special but a lovely divein great viz with lots of life.
15/5/2008 Excellent 20C 5 Angelshark in 2 different areas, marbled electric stingray, big shoal of Barracudas, Striped Grunts, 2 Groupers in different areas. Now is the time to dive here as there is so much to see and great conditions!
14/5/2008 Excellent 20C Angelshark, common stingray, stargazer, cuttlefish, barracudas. Lovely viz and conditions!
13/5/2008 Above Normal 20C Stargazer, garden eel, plenty of beds of Butterflys about but they have moved on. Still huge shoals of fry in the bay.
12/5/2008 Above Normal 20C Butterfly Ray!! 3 Angelsharks, Common Stingray, shoal of big barracudas, big shoals of Salema, bogas, about 5 Gilt headed bream together, large branching Gorgonia
11/5/2008 Did not dive 20C Sunday - day off
10/5/2008 Above Normal 20C Angelshark, large barracuda, plus shoal of about 20-40 baby barracudas.
9/5/2008 Did not dive 20C Pool training day
7/5/2008 Above Normal 20C Angelshark, Canarian Lobster, Big barracuda, and again shoal of about 40 babies in the bay.
6/5/2008 Above Normal 20C Shoal of about 40 baby barracudas, more jurel than normal, good viz.
5/5/2008 Normal 20C Angelshark, Common Stingray, giant Jurel, a 'fish-ball' of about 80 pygmy filefish, two huge octopus, abade, shoal of big barracuda, maria francesa, we also found a new large outcrop of soft coral, and two new caves, and saw lots of beds from butterfly rays ... not bad for one dive!
4/5/2008 Did not dive 20C Sunday - day off
3/5/2008 Normal 20C Shallow dives only, lots of new life and several Jurel. In places there is a carpet of tiny microscopic fish with cuttlefish, wrasse and bream picking them off.
2/5/2008 Above Normal 20C 2 Angel shark, seahorse, Garden eels, Eagle ray
1/5/2008 Above Normal 20C Two Common Stingrays, 3 large Arrowcrabs, group of 10 baby cuttlefish in a 'kindergarden', stargazer
30/4/2008 Poor 20C Poor in Arinaga, so we dived in Sardina del Norte - (Above Normal) - Angelsharks, Marbled Electric Ray, Barracudas
29/4/2008 Below Normal 20C Seahorse, Barracudas, stargazer, pez trompeta, lots of salema, three big octopus
28/4/2008 Normal 20C Barracudas, Sama (Gilt headed bream), sardines
28/4/2008 Normal 20C Seahorse, Barracudas
27/4/2008 Did not dive 20C Sunday - day off
25/4/2008 Normal 20C Angelshark, Seahorse, Sama (Gilt headed Bream), Striped Grunts. Huge shoals of Bogas and sardines in several areas of the reserve now. Weather hot above water too! 35-38º as a kalima blows hot air in from Africa
24/4/2008 Below Normal 20C Angelsharks, Stingray, barracudas, stargazer, Large hermit crab, Lots of small sand smelt being chased by barracudas, jurels and bream at the same time.
23/4/2008 Below Normal 20C Angelsharks, Stingray, barracudas, stargazer, Large hermit crab, Lots of small sand smelt being chased by barracudas, jurels and bream at the same time.
22/4/2008 Normal 20C Four Angelsharks, barracudas, stargazer
21/4/2008 Above Normal 20C Shallow dives only with all the usual local life.
20/4/2008 Did not dive 20C Sunday - day off
19/4/2008 Above Normal 20C 3 Angelshark, Striped Grunt (all in different places to yesterday), small Mero (Dusky grouper). This week we have been seeing lots of sea hares (vaca de mar) during the day. These are normally nocturnal.
18/4/2008 Above Normal 20C Angelshark, Bonito, Striped Grunt, v. big barracudas, then at the end a school of 50 baby barracudas, Large hermit crab with parasitic anemones.
17/4/2008 Normal 20C We found the nursery again! 14 baby cuttlefish, all hovering as a group in a ragged line. Bogas are starting to come back into shallow water as well. Several angelshark beds but not a live one today. And yes it is getting warmer (hood and gloves off now!)
16/4/2008 Normal 19C 2 large Morays, Stargazer
15/4/2008 Normal 19C Angelshark
14/4/2008 Normal 19C Only one shallow dive, lots of new life, big cuttlefish, pygmy filefish etc
13/4/2008 Did not dive 19C Day off
9/4/2008 Poor 19C Clear visibility, rough surface with waves, angelshark and shoals of damsels.
8/4/2008 Above Normal 19C Eagle Ray and two seahorses were seen by our lucky divers today.
7/4/2008 Poor 19C Angel sharks
6/4/2008 Did not dive 19C Sunday, our day off
5/4/2008 Excellent 19C Excellent dive conditions in Arinaga. After the storms of last weekend the visibility has improved very quickly. Angel shark spotted again today.
4/4/2008 Above Normal 19C A group of divers enjoyed two wreck dives in Las Palmas, the Kalais and the Arona. Both conditions and visibility were excellent. Meanwhile in Arinaga, in the Marine Reserve, divers enjoyed good conditions and amongst the species that they saw were stargazer, moray eel and barracuda.
3/4/2008 Normal 19C Angel Shark and stingray. Again a good improvement on visibility. Conditions improving daily.
2/4/2008 Below Normal 19C Angel Shark and Stingrays! First time for a few days in the deeper areas, conditions now improving all the time.
1/4/2008 Poor 19C Conditions still very rough in Arinaga but we did 2 dives
31/3/2008 Did not dive 19C Conditions very rough in Arinaga so we dived in Amadores instead.
30/3/2008 Did not dive 19C Sunday - Day off
29/3/2008 Below Normal 19C Morays, cuttlefish, Sama, Abade.
26/3/2008 Below Normal 19C Angelshark, Garfish
25/3/2008 Below Normal 19C Huge Barracuda; Angelshark, stargazer, Echiurida on the night dive
24/3/2008 Below Normal 19C Centoyo (Camouflaged Crab), Octopus, Sama (gilt headed bream)
23/3/2008 Did not dive 19C Sunday - Day off
22/3/2008 Below Normal 19C Conditions this week have been very variable. The viz was poor in the morning but had improved by the second dive. Lots of shoals of small new life appearing, Atlantic Wrasse are making nests, some big cuttlfish about.
19/3/2008 Above Normal 19C Three Angelshark, two seahorse
19/3/2008 Normal 19C Tuna, Morays, Barracuda
16/3/2008 Did not dive 19C Sunday - day off
15/3/2008 Below Normal 19C Small common stingray, pair of abades showing opposite colours:one black, one white. Visibility has improved after a stormy week.
14/3/2008 Did not dive 18C Admin and maintenance day
13/3/2008 Below Normal 19C Two Seahorses, angel shark, common ray. Recent poor weather and strong groundswell decreasing
12/3/2008 Poor 18C
11/3/2008 Poor 18C
10/3/2008 Below Normal 18C Two Seahorses, Eagle Ray, Marbled Electric Ray
9/3/2008 Did not dive 18C Sunday- day off
8/3/2008 Below Normal 18C Conditions improving, only a couple of shallow dives, a nice big octopus and all our normal friends.
7/3/2008 Did not dive 18C Conditions improving, our snorkellers enjoyed the shallows.
6/3/2008 Did not dive 18C No diving here for the first time for ages. We went to Amadores instead where we saw Verrugato, Maria Francesa, Abade plus most of the usuals.
5/3/2008 Poor 18C Two Seahorses, and one huge common stingray, without a tail! Conditions were poor so only one dive.
4/3/2008 Normal 18C Three Angelsharks, three types of moray (tiger, dotted, brown), Three big Octopus (and some small), Lady escalarta shrimps,
2/3/2008 Did not Dive 18C Sunday - day off
28/2/2008 Normal 18C Moray eels, sting rays, barrakuda, octopus, ... what else do we need ?
27/2/2008 Normal 18C Tiger moray, several octopus, and a large cuttlefish.
26/2/2008 Normal 18C Tiger moray, several octopus, and a large cuttlefish.
25/2/2008 Above Normal 18C Rough tailed ray, tiger moray, several octopus, and a group of eight baby cuttlefish, all in a row!
24/2/2008 Did not dive 18C Long weekend off
23/2/2008 Did not dive 18C Long weekend off
22/2/2008 Normal 18C Seahorse, Angel shark, common stingray
21/2/2008 Normal 18C Four Angelsharks, stargazer, baby common stingray, Large Jurel (Black jack) nearly 1m long; At Night Stingray, fang-tooth conger, moray, octopus, stargazer etc
19/2/2008 Above Normal 18C Large Jurel (Black jack) nearly 1m long; Stargazer, common stingray. There seem to be a lot more sea-hares visible during the day than normal. Lots or recent beds but no actual angel shark today.
18/2/2008 Above Normal 17C Angel shark (female swimming), Grouper, all 4 morays (brown, dotted, tiger and mediteranean), huge cuttlefish. Excellent surface conditions but underwater the viz was a little disappointing
17/2/2008 Did not dive 17C Sunday - Day off
16/2/2008 Above Normal 17C Angel shark and star gazer. Lots of big cuttlefish about at the moment
15/2/2008 Excellent 17C Five angel sharks in one day!, Stargazer, stingray, barracuda. Wind from the south but no ground swell so lovely conditions today.
14/2/2008 Excellent 17C **Scrawled Filefish ** Angel shark, Large hermit crab, sea hare, nudibrach
14/2/2008 Excellent 17C Angel shark, Large hermit crab, sea hare, nudibrach
13/2/2008 Above Normal 18C Angel shark, Marbled Electric Ray, Moray
11/2/2008 Normal 18C Angel shark, round ray, cuttlefish (lots of these about at present)
10/2/2008 Did not dive 18C Sunday - day off.
9/2/2008 Normal 18C 2 Seahorse, Angel Shark, stingray, v.large barracuda, Abade
8/2/2008 Normal 18C Angel shark, 3 stingrays (1 Eagle; 2 common), Bonito, morays, stargazer, some very large barracudas.
7/2/2008 Above Normal 18C Nice conditions in the reserve but most of our divers went to Las Palmas and dived the Cathedral ("stunning") and the Kalais: Shoaling damsels, sardines and barracudas; Bonito; Mediteranean Moray
6/2/2008 Above Normal 18C Angelshark, stingray, centoyah (crab disguised with vegatation), barracudas
5/2/2008 Normal 18C Angelshark, stingray, barracuda, tiger moray
4/2/2008 Normal 18C Two seahorses
3/2/2008 Did not dive 18C Sunday - day off
2/2/2008 Above Normal 18C ** Scrawled Filefish ** (again, but in a different place) Greater Weeverfish, Stargazer, 2 Angelsharks (one male one female). After over a week of adverse easterly winds the wind has shifted back to the north and with neap tides we have returned to calm conditions for entry and good visibility in just a couple of days.
1/2/2008 Normal 18C ** Scrawled Filefish ** 2 Angelsharks, Verrugato, Grouper, Round Ray
31/1/2008 Below Normal 18C Conditions still poor in Arinaga so we dive in Sardina: Angelshark (swimming), common stingray, Grouper, Striped Grunts
30/1/2008 Poor 19C Angel Shark, stingray, Galenas
29/1/2008 Normal 19C Eagle Ray, Large Jurel (Blackjack)Barracudas at Sardina
27/1/2008 Did not dive 19C Long weekend off.
26/1/2008 Did not dive 19C Long weekend off.
25/1/2008 Poor 19C Butterfly Ray and Angel Shark
24/1/2008 Above Normal 19C Common Stingray, Garfish during day; Common Stingray, Red legged octopus, brown shrimp, barracuda and a huge Starfish at night
23/1/2008 Above Normal 19C Stargazer, Three Common Stingrays. After the stormy weather and Calima early in the week the conditions have changed radically to be very calm, and the sediment has all dropped away to give viz of 10-15m! The sea is always a surprise!
22/1/2008 Poor 19C Poor conditions and visibility
21/1/2008 Below Normal 19C Two Common stingrays, cuttlefish
20/1/2008 Did not dive 19C Long weekend off!
19/1/2008 Did not dive 19C Long weekend off!
17/1/2008 Normal 19C common stingray, garfish
16/1/2008 Normal 19C Angel shark and Common Stingray during the day; 2 common stingrays, Long legged octopus, sand sole and sand crab on night dive
15/1/2008 Above Normal 19C Eagle Ray and Common Stingray, Seahorse
14/1/2008 Excellent 20C Angel Shark, 3 common stingrays, large shoal of about 50 barracudas. We also found an unusual carapace from a crab. Not in the normal guides but it matches a photo of Calappa granulata. These live under the sand like their cousin, and look similar to the Shame Faced Crab.
13/1/2008 Did not dive 20C Sunday - day off
12/1/2008 Above Normal 20C Common Stingray in 3m of water, shoal of about 50 garfish
11/1/2008 Above Normal 20C Stargazer.
10/1/2008 Above Normal 20C Two Angelsharks (male & female) Large shoal of bogas (sardines). Very little wind so diving is great.
9/1/2008 Above Normal 20C Marbled Electric Ray, baby cuttlefish and the smallest starfish I have ever seen
8/1/2008 Above Normal 20C 2 Seahorses (together), 2 Stingrays during the day and two more at night. also Canarian Lobsterette, band-toothed conger and tiger moray on night dive.
7/1/2008 Above Normal 20C 2 Angel Sharks, 2 Stingrays and a huge shoal of Barracuda. Conditions have improved significiantly and very quickly after the storm on Friday.
6/1/2008 Did not dive 20C Sunday -day off but conditions improving
4/1/2008 Poor 20C A storm near Gibralter has brought strong waves and groundswell.
3/1/2008 Above Normal 20C Angelshark
2/1/2008 Excellent 20C *** Harlequin Crab ***, Angelshark, stargazer. Conditions are really good, same today. A great start to 2008
1/1/2008 Did not dive 20C New Years Day!

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