Water Temperature and Diving Conditions Log
- October 2007 to December 2007

Here is our diving centre's log of the conditions and special sightings for diving in Arinaga, Gran Canaria. As we dive different parts of the reserve every day we only visit some locations (such as the seahorses) once a week.

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Date Conditions Temp Sightings
31/12/2007 Above Normal 20C Seahorse, Cape Lobster, Grouper (Mero), Nudibrach, Glasseye. Lots of Sardines and Bogas everywhere with unusual numbers of barracudas sizing them up.
30/12/2007 Above Normal 20C Angelshark, Common Stingray, Stargazer, Striped Grunt, large school of about 50-70 barracudas
28/12/2007 Above Normal 20C 3 Angelsharks (all females) on one dive, pygmy filefish, large barracuda in Bay
27/12/2007 Normal 20C Angelshark, Common Stingray, pygmy filefish
25/12/2007 Did not dive 20C Christmas Day!
24/12/2007 Normal 20C A nice angelshark for christmas eve along with a common stingray and a dive down to the Christmas Tree. Merry Christmas to you all !Brian, Ed, Andy, Marilyn and Siobhan
22/12/2007 Above Normal 20C Four Angelsharks!, all female, in two ares; v. large cuttlefish, barracudas, morays, verrugato
21/12/2007 Above Normal 20C Two Angelsharks, one male, one female, in two ares; Stargazers, stingray, morays, Barracuda in the bay chasing a huge shoal of sardines, pgymy filefish starting to be found all over the reserve again. After all the rain at the start of the week conditions have improved rapidly.
20/12/2007 Normal 20C Angelshark, Barracudas, Verrugato (Shi Drum), octopus
19/12/2007 Below Normal 20C There was a huge rainstorm on Tuesday/wednesday morning, and because of the run-off some of the shallower areas have lost their visability, but in the central (deeper) parts of the reserve the viz is still 10-15m and surface conditions are good. Tiger Moray, Pygmy filefish, Verrugato, Glasseyes
18/12/2007 Normal 20C Group of Cuttlefish, barracuda,
17/12/2007 Normal 21C The Christmas tree has arrived! just outside the small cave in 20m. Also 2 Common stingray, Verrugato.
16/12/2007 Did not dive 21C Sunday - day off
15/12/2007 Above Normal 21C Seahorse, stingray, canarian Lobster, glasseye,
14/12/2007 Above Normal 21C sting rays, large scorpion fish, large silver bream
13/12/2007 Below Normal 21C angel sharks, large scorpion fish, seaswell and surge
12/12/2007 Below Normal 21C octopus, large scorpion fish, seaswell and surge
11/12/2007 Below Normal 21C octopus, seaswell and surge
10/12/2007 Above Normal 21C Barrakuda, octopus, large silver bream
9/12/2007 Did not dive 21C Sunday is our day off.
8/12/2007 Normal 21C What a great day! two angel sharks, two Butterfly Rays! plus long-legged octopus, stargazer, canarian lobster and our first brown-striped shrimp on a night dive.
7/12/2007 Normal 21C Angelshark, Butterfly Ray beds, octopus, barrakuda
5/12/2007 Normal 21C Angelshark, Butterfly Ray, Common Stingray, first pygmy filefish in the bay for winter
4/12/2007 Normal 21C Moray Pintada, Verrugato, several Octopus
3/12/2007 Below Normal 21C Usual life such as cuttlefish, octopus, barracudas
2/12/2007 Did not dive 21C Sunday - day off
1/12/2007 Normal 21C Angelshark, several common stingrays, pygmy filefish, glasseye, abade (comb groupers) also seem more common at the moment.
30/12/2007 Did not dive 21C Boat diving in Puerto Rico, conditions looked good in the reserve.
29/11/2007 Normal 21C Common Stingray, Marbled Electric ray, all 3 types of moray (dotted, brown and tiger), Sama
28/11/2007 Normal 21C Two Seahorses in 2 locations, 2 common Stingray
27/11/2007 Normal 21C Stingray, Morays, barracudas, octopus
26/11/2007 Below Normal 22C Common Stingray, Seahorse
25/11/2007 Did not dive 22C SUnday - day off
24/11/2007 Normal 22C Seahorse, stargazer, two common stingray playing together
22/11/2007 Normal 22C Garfish, octopus
21/11/2007 Above Normal 21C Seahorse, stargazer, garfish, two commmon stingrays, one playing with the divers
20/11/2007 Above Normal 21C Lovely conditions here on the East side of the Island at the present, calm seas, great visibility (15-20m) lots of marine life. All the schools on the west coast are diving here at present as conditions on the west are quite poor.
19/11/2007 Excellent 21-22C Angel shark, two baby stingrays, striped grunt, and the carapace of a harlequin crab.
18/11/2007 Above Normal 22C 3 Seahorses in two locations, cuttlefish, Hydroid (jellyfish-like creature)
15/11/2007 Above Normal 22C Angelshark, 2 Dusky Grouper, Moray free-swimming, Stargazer, Octopus, seahorse
14/11/2007 Normal 21C Dusky Grouper, Morays, Stargazer, Garfish
13/11/2007 Above Normal 21C Seahorse (different one), stargazer , large octopus, barracuda, morays
12/11/2007 Normal 22C Seahorse (Andy's first!), Angelshark
11/11/2007 Did not dive 22C Sunday - day off.
10/11/2007 Above Normal 22C Star gazer, Barracudas, Trumpetfish
7/11/2007 Above Normal 22C Eagle ray, octopus
6/11/2007 Excellent 22C Angel shark in the bay, 1.5m - The first returner for winter!
5/11/2007 Above Normal 22C Two seahorses, Verrugatos, Tiger Moray, Glasseyes, barracudas.
4/11/2007 Did not dive 22C Sunday - day off.
3/11/2007 Normal 22C Wreck diving in Las Palmas!
1/11/2007 Above Normal 22C Tiger Moray, pico-pato moray, centoyo (the spider crab that disguises itself, Dusky Grouper, Stargazer, round stingray
31/10/2007 Normal 22C Glasseye, Trumpetfish
30/10/2007 Normal 22C Cuttlefish, stargazer, needlefish
29/10/2007 Above Normal 22C Stargazer, Garfish, Cuttlefish
28/10/2007 Did not dive 22C Day off!
27/10/2007 Normal 22C Rough-tailed ray, Samas, mating cuttlefish, barracudas and Bonitos chasing bogas and sardines
25/10/2007 Above Normal 22C Two stingrays (one common, one yellow), seahorse, stargazer, Tiger moray, baby black moray, several octopus.
24/10/2007 Excellent 22C Two Seahorses, stargazer
23/10/2007 Above Normal 23C Seahorse, Common rays, very large moray
22/10/2007 Above Normal 23C Two common stingrays, Tiger Morays
21/10/2007 Above Normal 22C We went to Sardina del Norte yesterday. Common stingray, huge shoal of barracudas, large Jurels among them.
20/10/2007 Above Normal 22C We went to Las Palmas yesterday for some great wreck diving on the Kalais. Lots of Barracuda, shoaling fish and a great days diving
19/10/2007 Excellent 23C Angelshark, giant Jurel(1m), Tiger Moray, Stargazer, imprint of a Butterfly ray 2m across
18/10/2007 Above Normal 23C Seahorse, common stingray, roncadors during the day; Eagle ray, stargazer, red-legged octopus, Canarian lobsterette, tiger moray, golden Balearic Conger on night dive.
17/10/2007 Excellent 22C Common Stingray in a cave, stargazer, visibility still excellent and waters calm.
16/10/2007 Excellent 22C Eagle Ray, Marbled Electric Ray in the Reserve; Great conditions and visibility on the Arona with huge shoals of shoaling fish on the Arona outside Las Palmas
15/10/2007 Excellent 22C Tritons Trumpet, baby angelshark, large dusky groupers

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