Annette and Chris got Married!

The White Church St Annes on Sea

On 29th February 2008, our daughter, Annette got married to Christopher Algie at the White Church, St Annes on Sea, Lancashire. Annette was well known and liked by our customers when she worked here in Gran Canaria as a diving instructor in our diving centre. Chris also lived in Gran Canaria and was often to be seen diving here with us.

Annette and Chris
Annette and Chris with Brian and Marilyn
Annette with fellow dive instructor Eduardo Vera
Brian with Annette and the bridesmaids Louisa, Sophie and Helen

The weather on the day was terrible! There was a force 7 gale blowing in from the Irish Sea, so unusually all the wedding photos were taken inside the church. We were delighted that so many friends could join us, including Eduardo who travelled with us from Gran Canaria for the wedding.

Annette and Chris diving in Gran Canaria
Annette with her train down
Annette and Chris

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