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Newsletter - New Year 2007

El Cabrón at Xmas

A cernia rossa (abade) inspects the christmas tree in the el Cabrón Marine Reserve Forkbeards are not commonly seen by divers in Gran Canaria

Pasito Blanco

Barracudas swim above the divers when you visit the artificial reef at Pasito Blanco The spiny pufferfish is not found in many places when diving in Gran Canaria

angelshark study

This female angelshark was asleep when the divers found it in the El Cabrón Marine Reserve

LED diving torches

Divers torches using LED bulbs give high output from small batteries and long burn times

Nautilus apartments

in Arinaga, Nautilus apartments have four self-catering flats for two people sharing

Welcome to our Winter Newsletter

This is the second of our occasional newsletters to keep you updated on the changes that are continually happening here at Davy Jones Diving. In this edition you can find out about our new compressor, our new online photo album, new canarian laws, news from the reserve, and updates to the website. We also have some special offers for the winter and spring.

happy new year to you all

We would like to wish all of our friends a Happy New Year! We were a lot busier in the run up to Christmas this year and so instead of our traditional Christmas card we offer you our new year greetings instead.

our new compressor is finally installed!

Finally, as we predicted in our last newsletter the day came in mid November when our new compressor came on line. While it may make little direct difference for our divers, it has drastically cut the time we need to charge our tanks on a daily basis, allowing us more time to give you a better overall service.

diving highlights

Winter and Spring are a great times for diving here, as the bigger predators (angelshark and rays) are much more visible, and there is a lot of spawning of new life .. which attracts more predators! We have also seen Cape Lobster(on the red list of endangered species) and more forkbeards than normal. At present much of the sea grass is flowering, creating lush carpets of subtle colours. Atlantic Wrasse will start building their nests soon, carrying the seagrass through the water in their mouth like a bird. Many of the larger octopuses finally create a nest in which to incubate their young.. before the mother then sadly dies.

new canarian diving laws .. update

In April this year, a new law was passed by the Canarian Government to register and manage dive centres. All dive centres in the Canary Islands must comply with these new safety requirements, and fortunately we already met them all. Official processes work slowly here, and our application for registration has been reviewed, we submitted some more papers, and we are now awaiting a final inspection. We expect by Easter that the first few diving centres to meet the rules will be confirmed and expect to be one of the few diving centres in Gran Canaria to hold this authorisation.

angelshark survey .. update

The first results from this have been quite a surprise. We have always seen a rise in sightings in winter, usually starting the last week in November, and true to form, the number of sightings have increased. This week we have seen angelsharks nearly every day. However when the researchers from the University came to get their data they were amazed, as they thought from their research in the North of the Island around Sardina del Norte that the angelsharks were only seen in Summer, when we see very few in Arinaga. Intriguing questions.. are they migrating from North to South or is some other mechanism at work ?

new regular boat diving

We have a new partner for our boat diving on the west coast and hope to offer this activity at least once a week in the future, visiting the reefs of Pasito Blanco (artificial and natural). The artificial reef has a huge shoal of roncadors, barracudas, and is good for morays, rays and angelsharks. The natural reef is home to the rare spiny pufferfish, delicate hydroids, and has many ledges where stingray and trumpetfish hide.

latest toys

One of the pieces of equipment that can always be useful is a good torch. In 2006 the latest technology was applied to diving torches and you can now get incredible performance from a really small package using LED bulb technology. The LED Micro Frogman and Aquastar give levels of light you would expect from a much larger torch yet fit neatly into your BCD and don't eat into your baggage allowance. We now have these in stock priced at €50 and €45 respectively.

special offers this autumn and winter

We always like to see old friends back to dive with us in Arinaga, so for this winter and spring we have some special offers. Prebook your diving with us, for diving or courses between 7th January and 15th March, and we will give you either a discount of 10% off our normal prices, or for two people diving, the second dive for the second person each day will be completely FREE! If two people want to do a course with us, the diving and tuition for second person will be half price!. If you want to warm up away from the English winter, take the course you had been planning or just enjoy diving with us then contact us now and we can give you a great deal for the spring.

nautilus apartments

If you are considering a short diving break, remember that in Arinaga about 5 minutes walk from the centre are some well appointed apartments which act as a great base for divers. Feedback from our customers has been very positive about Nautilus apartments, and it is ideal if you are considering one of the more intense and advanced courses such as BSAC Dive Leader, PADI Divemaster, Rescue Diver or Sports Diver.

website changes and additions

A few changes to Spanish pages recently, and we have added a simple currency converter onto our pages so that you can work out the prices of courses in your own currency.

and finally..

A thank-you from all of us (Brian, Annette, Marilyn, Eduardo, Andy and Siobhan) for your visits during 2006, for being patient when things have not quite gone to plan, and for being a great group of people to go diving with.